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‘The Shannara Chronicles’ Season 2 Episode 2: 4 Things We Learned

This week’s Shannara Chronicles left us with more questions than ever as we discovered the truth behind Lyria’s lies, met bounty hunter Garet Jax, and saw just how manipulative Queen Tamlin of the human kingdom can be. With The Crimson still hunting down magic users, and Bandon’s followers still hunting down a Shannara, Mareth and Will had more than a little trouble this week as they journeyed together. Speaking of trouble, everyone’s favourite former Rover, Eretria, can literally never seem to catch a break, as she found herself in yet more trouble this week, chasing after Lyria.
Our faves being hunted aside, this week’s episode was an incredibly important one, not least because we’ve finally met the last of the show’s newcomers. Keep reading to see the top four things we learned in this week’s Shannara! 1. Lyria’s A Lying Ass Lil’ Princess – Literally! Though we’ve only seen their relationship in a mere two episodes so far, Eretria and Lyria made quite the pair. Unfortunately, though…

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